Words Of Wisdom From Ballers' Spencer Strasmore

I watched Ballers, the story of an ex NFL star-played by The Rock, last night and was blown away by the inspirational speech he gave.  I’ve got some big interviews coming up, that are being taped for TV, and I’m super nervous and a little scared. 

I thought about the Rock’s speech last night and it really helped to calm my nerves.

No one is really that much more special than you, so you might as well go for it before time runs out.

See the speech below from Ballers, Season 3-Episode 4.

Business partners Spencer Strasmore and Joe Krutel are stuck in traffic, stressed, and late for one of the biggest meetings of their lives: To meet with a powerful casino owner to pitch bringing an NFL team to Las Vegas.  

Strasmore: Ever tell you the story about my dad? My dad, Carl, was a loving man. Tough man. He worked in the mills in Bethlehem, PA. Provided a decent living, took care of us, supported us. Nothing lavish. So one day he gets a call into the big boss’s office. The first time he’s met him in 30 years.

Krutel: So what’d the boss say?

Strasmore: Nothing.

Krutel: Nothing? What the fuck kind of story is this?!

Strasmore: See it’s not about what the boss said, it’s about what he didn’t say. He didn’t say anything interesting to say at all. So, after 30 years my dad finally got a chance to sit across from the guy who ran everything and you know what he saw?

Krutel: What?

Strasmore: Nothing. Nothing special. My dad realized in that moment that he could have been that guy behind that desk. He realized it too late. We’re all just a bunch of guys Joe. Some of us believe that we can do anything. Some of us believe we can’t. So when you ask me why I want to do this, my answer is because I know what kind of guy I want to be.

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