8 Life Lessons That I Learned From Howard Stern

When Oprah recommends a book, it sells a million copies because of her following. She's invented a lifestyle brand that people want to be a part of.

Howard Stern is my Oprah.

When he recomends something, I listen. Sure, I'm a fan but it's a little more than that. The lifestyle he is promoting is one I want to be a part of. It's successful, healthy, and authentic .

Howard is more than naked strippers and yelling at Baba Booey.

1. Health Nut: He's been an advocate of a healthy lifestyle for years. He follows a simple approach of watching your calories and excercising. No fad diets or any crazy exercise routines.  I always pay attention when he talks about his diet or exercise program it's working for him.

2. Lifelong Meditator: I finally learned TM after hearing him talk about it for years. It's made a big difference in my life and I've been practicing for over a year now. Couldn't imagine not doing it.


3. Organizational Ninja: He's always talking about how he organizes his iTunes library or yelling at Baba Booey because he writes notes on scraps of paper. He turned me on to David Allen's Getting Things Done. He stresses that having a system is important for all people, especially creative people. It's actually MORE freeing if you have a place for all of your ideas and projects.  I've read GTD several times and it's changed my life.

4. Gay Rights Supporter: For years Howard has been preaching how important it is to live an "authentic life." When gay people are closeted, it creates numerous mental and physical problems.  I am much more open minded because of Howard's stance on gay rights over the years.

5. Mental Health Advocate: He's been hitting the therapist's chair several times a week for years. It must be working because he seems happier and way less angry than he was in the past.  I think the show is much better now without all the yelling and strippers.  I've been going to my therapist for almost two years now to work on some of my issues.

6. Animal Supporter: Both he and his wife, Beth, are basically vegetarians now (they eat fish) and support numerous causes including the North Shore Animal League.  We adopted our dog, Hank, because of their work.

7. Creative Giant:  He's constantly trying new things to make him a better person. You'd think a guy at his level would be on "cruise control" by now….Not Howard. One week he's talking about mind mapping and the next week he's talking about taking about taking painting classes.  I've also learned about my obsessiveness from him too....I'm not going to be the best at everything I do and that's ok.


8. Trusted Brand:  Google "Howard Stern t shirts".  You won't find any. Why?  Because Howard has enough money and he respects his fans enough not to constantly try to sell them merchandise, which is rare in this age of the Kardashians.

Is Howard Mother Theresa?  No.  But I think he's got some admirable traits that don't get recognized in the media enough.  The guy makes us laugh for four hours every day and shares with us his "secrets" to a successful life.  That's why I tune in everyday.

Who is your Oprah?  Who do you tune in to everyday?