How To Rock Your Social Like Chrissy Teigen



Chrissy Teigen has amassed millions of followers across her social media accounts, and while there's no formula that's gotten her here, one thing is certain: She's one of the most entertaining celebrities to follow on social. She has a personality, a style and wit that are unmatched. My wife says it best, "When I see a great Chrissy Teigen post, it makes my day."

How do we rule social media like she does?

• Be Hot: I'm kind of joking, but not really. The fact that Chrissy Teigen is a model doesn't hurt. A hot girl on Instagram will definitely get more followers than a geeky looking guy. The same goes for guys. Have you seen any of these good looking doctors on Instagram, posing with puppies? #MillionsOfFollowers. If you're normal looking, like the rest of us, you're going to have to work a little harder to get fans. The same thing goes for brands. If you're a hot consumer brand, it'll be easier to court influencers and make a splash than it will if you're a boring B2B product.

• Have A Voice: Who are you? This applies to brands or people. Chrissy Teigen is funny, quick, serious and silly at the same time. What is your voice? Are you sarcastic? Serious? Passionate? Whatever it is, you need to turn it up in order to get heard. There are a lot of people yelling for attention on social media and you need to stand out

• Be Polarizing: What makes Chrissy so interesting is that she's polarizing. Teigen told Refinery29, "My approach is to always say what’s authentic to me. So, whether or not that’s being completely outspoken, a little daring, a little crazy, if I believe it, then I’m going to say it." According to Evan Assano, founder of MediaKix, "This can be a delicate line for brands. It's easy to say whatever you want when no one is listening, but when you have a massive following you need to be more careful. The recent bad press that Under Armour and Uber have gotten has hurt their brands." The moral of the story is to have a stance but also think about the repercussions before you post.

• Engage In Real Time: How annoying is it when there's an important topic trending, that everyone is talking about, and you see "normal" posts from your favorite celebrity or brand. It's obvious that they are scheduling their posts. What makes Chrissy great is that she posts when events are happening. Dian Oved, Founder & CEO of Empower Digital, says, "She is responsive in real-time to trending topics and events on social media, and provides a consistent stream of wit and entertainment to her followers. Because of her astute sense of timing, her content is often picked up by the news media, which further increases her popularity." Don't just schedule your posts and forget about them. You need to be part of the larger conversation on social. Remember it's a conversation not a monologue.

• Clapback: Chrissy is notorious for calling out her haters. If you put yourself out there on social media, people are going to have negative things to say. You can either address them or stay silent. She chooses to address them. There are so many to choose from, but here are a couple of my favorites:

When she was shamed for going out to dinner 10 days after her baby, Luna, was born:

When trolls told her that she put on weight in her last Instagram photo, she had this to say:

Brands are starting to do this as well.  Most brands choose to ignore negative comments, but that just makes them look like a faceless company.If hundreds of people walked up to you and called you fat and ugly, or told you that your product was crappy, wouldn't you say something?  Brands are clapping back, and I love it. Here's one of my favorites:

Be Authentic: The big difference between Teigen and what other models do is that she shows her flaws. While other celebs will only post red carpet pictures or professionally shot photos, she is likely to take an ugly selfie or show her stomach when she feels bloated. Other celebs only give you a sneak peek into the world that they want you to see. She might comment on her love of Velveeta cheese, and then on the political state of the country. 

Whether you love or hate Chrissy Teigen, you have to admit that her giant personality has translated into a massive following. She has proven that you don’t have to try to make everyone happy; you are better off just being yourself. The old adage still holds true: If you try to appeal to everyone, you end up appealing to no one.


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