Sorry Apple Music, Spotify Premium Is Still King

According to a survey published yesterday by Music Watch, 48 percent of Apple Music listeners polled said that they have given up listening to the streaming music — and the free trial isn’t even over yet.

Meanwhile, 61 percent claim they have disabled the auto-renewal option on their accounts so as not to be charged when the trial period ends in September.

After playing with Apple Music for a couple of weeks, I stopped using the free trial, turned off the auto renewal, and went back to Spotify Premium.

Here's why:

  • Personal Playlists: One of my favorite things about Spotify is that I can create a playlist today and have 100 strangers follow it by the end of the day.  Or I can search for a song and see hundreds of regular people who have a playlist that features that song. Not on Apple Music…I can follow Dr. Dre but I can’t follow you.


  • Who Cares About Radio?  This is where Apple Music really dropped the ball. They've got a ton of A List talent but they have them hosting radio shows…I don't want to listen to a radio show.   I prefer the playlist model much better.  For example, Dr. Dre has a radio show on Apple Music that I can listen to.  But I'd much rather have Dr. Dre create 4 or 5 playlists so that I can listen to the individual songs whenever I want to.


  • Apple Music Is Linked To Your iTunes Library: I hate this more than anything else.  I have probably 13,000 songs in my iTunes library and Apple Music automatically links to your iTunes account.   You can imagine how long it takes to load all of these songs!  Why would I even need my library if every song is available "On Demand?"


  • Spotify Running: This is pretty cool. As a lifelong runner, I've always wanted to create a playlist based on my running pace but it was almost impossible unless you had music software.  Spotify finally figured this out!  You start running, it determines your pace, and then it gives you a playlist that matches your pace: You run faster, so does the music.  


Apple creates new product lines a lot.  Remember that smartphones and tablets didn’t exist before the iPhone and iPad. The difference with Apple Music is that they weren’t the first in this space, nor are they the market leader.

If they want to dethrone the market leader, then you’d better offer a far superior product.  Apple doesn't offer a significantly better product than the competition and their free trial users are already jumping ship.   

Which service do you prefer?  Spotify Premium or Apple Music? 

 If you haven't tried either, click here for a 3-month Spotify trial for 99 cents or click here for a free 3-month trial to Apple Music.

You can also check out my Spotify profile here and follow me.  Or check out my Apple profile….Oh wait, I can't share that with you!  I guess I'm not cool enough.