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Sales And Marketing Guy, Digital Media Enthusiast, Writer

  • Tom is among the most talented salespeople I have ever met; when it comes to getting the sale, Tom is tireless in his drive to close the deal. When he first worked with us, he was putting in personal time on nights and weekends to grow our business just because he believed in the vision, and for this I could not be more grateful. His dedication is inspiring and he brought with him tremendous value. I look forward to any opportunity to work with Tom in the future, and I'm happy to recommend him.
    — Kevin Bracken, CEO Gymsurfing
  • Tom is a detail focused sales guy who's just as smart about strategy as he is about pitching. With an appetite for taking on challenging projects, it is very clear Tom know's exactly what he's doing.
    — Dustin Hoffman, Software Engineer ClassPass
  • Tom is a highly personable, smart, friendly and hard-working professional. He is the consummate seller - an excellent communicator who doesn't strike you as a "sales-y" at all. His understanding of sales, biz dev and executive-level decision making, combined with his impressive startup and fitness industry knowledge gained through his brief but successful stint at the startup Gymsurfing, have truly impressed me. I recommend working with Tom if you ever get the chance.
    — Nicholas J. Gammell, Founder & CEO at GAIN Fitness

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